Every Idle Word…

Matthew 12:36 informs us that every person will have to give an account to God on the day of Judgement for every careless word spoken while here on earth and evidently the words men speak will have a bearing on their degrees of reward in heaven, or degrees of suffering in hell.

This frightens me when I think of all the foolishness that I have authored in numerous discourse that I am ashamed to have partaken. However, I must admit that this verse also gives me some solace when thinking about Christians that insist on abnegating thier responsibility to denounce evil as evil while refusing to relinquish the title “follower of Christ.” After all, if we as Christians are ashamed of “following Christ” in his denunciations of the many abominations laid out in scripture, why should anyone take us seriously when we claim that we are following Him in the area of submission to His will?

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