New U.S. dollar coins designed to omit the motto “In God We Trust.” — Well, not exactly…

New email gossip has made the rounds (perhaps you the reader are a recipient of such a warning) from the information superhighway to many inbox-es advising the prudent faithful to “boycott” new government issued dollar coins due to the omitting of the phrase “In God we trust.”
However, according to the purported myth-debunking website,, the phrase “In God we trust” was not omitted, but relocated from the front/back of the coin to the side of the coin. While this discovery may avert the inevitable brouhaha, I’m not entirely convinced that sinister motives are not afoot. To this end, I must take this opportunity to point out that this is indeed the height of irony. In the email above that was circulated, we read “If there was ever a reason to boycott something, this is it” yet the same folks probably voted for one of the most ungodly (if not the most, as even B. Clinton was less liberal) presidents ever; a person who is directly working against the kingdom of God.

While Obama assembles his anti-God administration and policies, his Christian well wishers obliviously hope that God will change him from someone who has rejected God’s commandments to someone who will suddenly embrace them. As one article has put it ( “Were Obama to support overturning every law against theft but argue that his plan to teach people how to avoid pickpockets would result in less theft, we would call him crazy” or “were Obama to support overturning every law against rape but argue his plan to teach women how to fend off rapists would result in fewer rapes, we would call him not only crazy but sick. Yet, such is the thinking of optimistic Christians who perhaps will reap the results of an Obama administration many years after the man leaves office. Perhaps, their children will return home with a gay or lesbian partner having learned of these abominable relationships in their public school education or even worse will themselves partake in the killing of an innocent human for the sake of convenience, after all, Obama will enact policies that will cause these two abominations to flourish.
Considering Obama’s actions and admissions, it would be unprecedented for God to grant such a person wisdom, after all, he is not acting “ignorantly in unbelief” (1 Timothy 1:14) as Saul was before he became Paul, but actually the very opposite (full awareness in “belief”). He is someone who identifies with God but has rejected God’s knowledge and therefore qualifies as a recipient of God’s rejection. If this sounds familiar it is because this is precisely what happened to the Isrealites in Hosea 4:6 (My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee).

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