A brief response to “14 Wacky ‘Facts’ Kids Will Learn in Louisiana’s Voucher Schools”


After reading many comments given in response to this article, I’m more convinced that one clear sign of anti-intellectualism is when people resort to insults and derogative terms to describe their comprehension of this article, meanwhile not even one of the articles “Wacky Facts” that the author has chosen to cariacature by deemphasizing the context, has even been challenged or debated. It is irrational to continue with this notion that we all emanated from nothing. This kind of thinking would not be tolorated as a solution to any of the problems at our places of work and yet this is what people embrace so that they do not have to deal with the moral consequences that arise from thier actions.  It is ironic, many folks on this thread disdain their “bible thumping” counterparts, meanwhile their arguments against these “southerners” must rely on standards that have been lifted from Christian scriptures. Standards like honesty, taking care of others, and the primacy of knowledge. In a world that is the result of natural processes why is there such outrage over the way other biological organisms have chosen to live their lives? After all, we are just biological machines that are living out our chemical reactions; isn’t that what we have been taught in school (i.e. behaviorism). No one gets upset when Chloride and sodium ions react with one another to form salt; that’s just what these elements do, yet, folks are all worked up as if there should be uniformity in the way people think and it is that type of thinking that betrays the liberal to be a closet theist rebeling against rationality.

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