Melchizedek has no beginning of days, nor end of life (this means He is immortal)

melchizedek2In the series “13 reasons why Melchizedek was actually the pre-incarnate Word of God” the following article is reason # 4.

Melchizedek has no beginning of days, nor end of life (this means He is immortal).

One thing that becomes increasingly clear when reading the many Bible commentaries on Melchizedek is that a whole bunch of “theologians” do not really believe that the Bible was written by the Holy Spirit. For example, regarding Hebrews 7:1-3, the ISBE (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia) asks the following question:

Where did the author get the material for this description of Melchizedek?

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13 Reasons Why Melchizedek Was Actually the Pre-incarnate Word of God

Speculations concerning the identity of Melchizedek are plentiful and not without controversy. Most commentaries or study bibles that I have read say that he was merely an obscure king of a Canaanite city called Salem, who upheld the true religion. According to these writers, Salem was allegedly also known as the city of Jerusalem in the days of Abraham; thus Melchizedek is said to have been ruling there while administering his priestly functions for occupants who were undoubtedly pagan [1]. Continue reading

Textual Criticism: When mere men become arbiters of truth

Last year (2012) fall, at the behest of a friend of mine, I attended a men’s bible study called Solomon’s Porch at Immanuel Bible Church. The person leading the study, Andrew Potter, I recall as a very smart and knowledgeable person. Andy was going through a study on the book of Romans. I remember him asking the class how we could be certain that Paul in fact was the author of Romans especially since Tertius in Romans 16:22 writes: “I Tertius, who wrote this epistle, salute you in the Lord.” My friend raised his hand and answered the question by saying that God in the bible has promised to preserve His Word therefore we have confidence that Paul in fact wrote the letter. Andy brushed this reply aside with a “yes, but …” so it was obvious that he was looking for a better answer than what had just been offered. Continue reading