About CPZM

The Christ Plus Zero Movement (AKA The Scriptures Plus Zero Movement)

Author: James

Email: James at christpluszero.org

Some Worthwhile Ministries to check out:

AnswerInGenesis – http://AnswersInGenesis.org
The Trinity Foundation – http://TheTrinityFoundation.org
The Berean Call – http://www.thebereancall.org
Adullam Films – http://www.adullamfilms.com
Noise of Thunder Radio – http://www.noiseofthunderradio.com
The Creation Museum – http://CreationMuseum.org
The Ark Encounter – http://ArkEncounter.org
Greater Grace World Outreach – http://ggwo.org
Gideons International – http://www.gideons.org
Mclean Bible Church – http://McleanBible.org
Africa New Life Ministries – http://africanewlife.org
Voice of the Martyrs – http://www.persecution.com
Reasons For Hope – http://www.rforh.com
The Institute for Creation Research – http://www.icr.org


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